Trending October 2023 # 11 Best Azure Monitoring Tools (2023 Update) # Suggested November 2023 # Top 13 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # 11 Best Azure Monitoring Tools (2023 Update) # Suggested November 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Azure is a cloud computing platform launched by Microsoft in February 2010. It is an open and flexible cloud azure platform that helps developers with data storage, service hosting, and service management.

The Azure monitoring software performs end-to-end monitoring and helps you to find issues in applications or infrastructure. They help you to manage Azure in virtual machines or containers. They can also detect bottlenecks and collect data on a large variety of other tasks.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Azure Monitoring tools with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) tools.

Best Azure Monitoring Tools

eG Enterprise Azure Monitoring is an application performance monitoring service for your Azure applications and the underlying infrastructure. It provides you with end-to-end visibility so you can understand what’s happening in every layer and every tier. It comes with pre-defined thresholds for hundreds of metrics which makes initial setup quick and easy. eG Enterprise uses AI to learn the resource usage patterns of your application and dynamically adjusts thresholds based on known times of high and low usage. This avoids alarm floods and false alarms.


Multi-cloud support in a single console

Automatically discovers your Azure and AWS topology

Over 200 technologies supported out of the box

Correlated diagnostic engine can pin-point the root-cause of performance problems in the application and infrastructure

Pre-defined thresholds eliminates tedious and time-consuming setup

User-access control and customizable dashboards for all your stakeholders

Deployment: Cloud or on-premises

Free trial: 30 days

Pricing: Based on number of hosts

Serverless360 is an enterprise-grade cloud management platform that combines Azure monitoring, tracing, remediation and governance under one roof. It lets you monitor key metrics and generates consolidated error reports to keep you updated about your Azure services’ health, performance, and availability.


Get a holistic view of Azure services spread across various subscriptions and tenants

Pre-defined monitoring templates of enterprise standard alerts on threshold breaches

Continuous monitoring for Azure services on crucial performance metrics

Visualize an entire Azure application and its dependencies in an interactive map

Eliminate critical performance issues using Serverless360’s automation features

Implement out-of-the-box operations like reprocessing failed Service Bus messages, Logic App runs, events, etc., on autopilot.

Real-time visualization of how message flows through your Azure solution with distributed tracing

Govern and audit user actions to stay on top of the changes in your Azure services

Increase security for sensitive Azure services by restricting user access

Supported Platforms: SaaS or host in your Azure Subscription

Visit Serverless360

Ensure optimal performance of your Azure services by gaining visibility into resources, VMs, containers and orchestration, logs, events, and more. Monitor your cloud services, applications, and dynamic infrastructure from one console.


Monitor the performance of IaaS services, such as virtual machines (VMs) and Kubernetes, and PaaS services like App Service, Event Hubs, SQL database, and more.

Detect in real-time any deviations or unusual spikes in performance metrics to maintain optimal health of your services.

Configure alerts for Azure Activity Logs and monitor all the crucial activities in your Azure subscriptions.

Predict trends for Azure performance metrics based on historical observations for services like VMs, sites, databases, app service plans using machine learning, and more.

Pricing: Starts at $9 per month for 10 monitors.

Free trial: 30 days

Visit Azure Monitoring

Solarwind Server Application Monitor is an azure monitoring service that can make application and server monitoring simple and easy. This system monitoring tool helps you to visualize application dependencies. You can monitor multiple sites and azure multi cloud environments like Azure and AWS.


This Azure monitoring tool enables you to perform infrastructure dependency mapping.

It helps you to monitor AWS LaaS, SaaS, and PaaS.

Solarwinds server offers customizable monitoring solutions.

This is a complete azure infrastructure monitoring tool that enables you to perform infrastructure dependency mapping.

This application monitoring tool offers custom monitoring with WMI, REST API, SNMP, and PowerShell scripts.

Free Trial: 15 days

Supported platform: Windows Server

Pricing: Pricing plans start at $1,622

Visit Server Monitor

Paessler Azure monitoring service includes performance thresholds and alerts to automate monitoring. This Azure monitoring service can supervise other resources related to networks, web services, and applications.


Facilitate your decision-making process

You can monitor all infrastructure metrics about your Azure services on one centralized dashboard.

This Azure database monitoring tool alerts you when it sees warnings or unusual metrics in your network.

Allows you to gather relevant performance and load data from your systems

You will get prompt alerts in case of downtimes or poor performance in your windows app

Free Trial: 30 days

Supported platform: Windows Server

Pricing: Up to 500 sensors – $1,750

6) Newrelic

Newrelic is one of the best resource performance monitoring tools that offers a complete view of your applications and operating environment. It helps you detect anomalies, discover deficiencies, and improve the key metrics crucial for your business.

You can track SQL statements responsible for slow performance

Provides complete root causes analysis and fix issues fast

Allows you to keep your applications running efficiently and quickly.

Provide query-based analytics and customizations

Offers performance trends at a glance

It provides complete visibility into web and mobile apps hosted on Azure.

It gives you access to the right metrics so that you can make informed decisions.

Pricing: Four pricing plans 1) Free 2) Standard- For teams of up to 5 full users. 3) Pro-For teams of more than 5 full users. 4) Enterprise-level security, support, and compliance.

Supported platforms: Linux, Windows, ARM, and maco

Microsoft Azure is a system monitoring tool that maximizes the availability and performance of your Azure applications and azure services. It helps you collect, analyze, and act on the performance metrics from your on-premises and cloud systems. It also helps you identify issues and dependencies in your system.


Allows you to find and resolve issues across both applications and dependencies.

It helps you to monitor your azure services to generate reports and visualizations through dashboards.

Collects data and analyzes them.

The azure cloud environment sends notifications when values fall below established thresholds.

Allows you to analyze logs to provide in-depth insights.

You can create test queries for log data.

Pricing plans: 1) 100 GB per day/- $2.76 per GB 2) 200 GB per day-$2.20 per GB 3) 300 GB per day-$2.02 per GB 4) 500 GB per day-$1.98 per GB 5) 1,000 GB per day- $1.91 per GB 6) 5,000 GB per day-$1.81 per GB.

Free Trial: You can start for free

8) Dynatrace


It helps you to monitor the health of your entire Azure environment.

You can integrate Dynatrace with Azure for intelligent monitoring of azure cloud services that can run on the Azure Cloud.

It is one of the best Azure monitoring tools that offer full-stack discovery and azure performance management

Visualizing application infrastructure

Improve code quality for production

It is one of the best Azure monitoring services that enable you to implement event-driven continuous delivery and automated operations

Advanced observability for the entire Azure environment.

Automatically capture transactions across every tier, down to the code level.

Free Trial: 15 days Free Trial and Demo.

Pricing: 1) Full-stack monitoring- starts at $69 per month), 2) Infrastructure monitoring- starts at $21 per month), and 3) Digital experience monitoring- starts at $11 per month.

9) Appdynamic

AppDynamics is an Azure monitoring service for rapidly troubleshooting performance issues and provides optimal performance of your applications running an entire one premise environments. It also allows you to troubleshoot and optimize your code faster than ever before.


It is one of the best Azure monitoring solutions that automatically baselines application performance metrics before and after the azure cloud migrations process.

You can leverage serverless APM for Azure Functions

Instrument. NET-based apps and microservices in Azure Functions running in App Service.

Discover applications and dependencies automatically

10) LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is a highly comprehensive Azure monitoring tool that can prevent outages and optimize your Azure resources. This network monitoring software offers customized dashboards, alerts, and reports.


Logic Monitor Azure monitoring module can be used out-of-the-box with little to no additional configurations

This Azure Database monitoring tool helps you to identify incoming issues by providing predictive alters and trend analysis

Builds dashboards to display critical for your organization

It offers complete virtual machine performance to check the health and performance of Azure applications

Allows you to streamline migrations and makes them more manageable and predictable

Monitoring via SNMP, jFlow, sFlow, WMI, NBAR2, etc.

Support for SD-WAN and cloud-based networks.

Ensures compliance with the existing monitoring azure service standards

Pricing plans: LogicMonitor offers two plans, namely, 1) Pro – Up to 199 devices 2) Enterprise – 200+ devices

11) Opsview

Opsview is an effective Azure monitoring tool that helps you quickly discover Microsoft Azure objects within a given Azure subscription. You can monitor all the metrics you need to run Azure App Services efficiently


This Azure cloud monitoring tool allows you to automate and scale anywhere

It offers the flexibility of virtualization for a wide range of computing solutions

Offers business service monitoring

This infrastructure monitoring tool provides notification for azure platform integrations

Opsview provides a visual image of the performance and availability of Azure instances.

It helps to understand the root cause of application performance problems quickly.

Supported platforms: Web, iOS, and Android

12) Sciencelogic

ScienceLogic Business Service offers functionality groups devices into service-related views, monitors them as a holistic system. It also maps applications to their underlying IT infrastructure.


Prove complete visibility for multi-cloud, hybrid IT, and legacy infrastructure.

It is one of the best azure monitoring tools that help you to eliminate the cost and complexity of multiple point tools

This infrastructure monitoring tool helps you to reduce the administrative burden on operations teams

It helps you to share views easily with management, internal and external customers

13) Netreo

Netreo is an IT Operations monitoring tool that offers a single source of truth for proactive performance and availability. It monitors large infrastructure, enterprise networks, and business services.


It helps you to automate all your azure monitoring processes in a single, unified dashboard.

You can observe and automate everything across the azure environment in a single, unified dashboard

Provide full-stack visibility into your IT infrastructure, systems, applications, and user experience

It provides real-time dashboards, dynamic cloud automation, and extensible ITSM integration

FAQ: ❓ What are Microsoft Azure monitoring tools?

Azure Monitoring tool is a software application that performs end-to-end monitoring and helps you to find issues in applications or infrastructure. It enables you to manage Azure in virtual machines or containers. It also helps you to detect bottlenecks and collect data on a large variety of other tasks.

✔️ What are the Best Monitoring Tools for the Azure Cloud?

Following are the Best Monitoring Tools for the Azure Cloud:

⚡ What are the Benefits Of using Azure Monitoring Tools?

You can monitor a wide range of different systems and devices from a single dashboard.

It provides a global view of your infrastructure by combining information from different regions, data centers, and cloud azure services.

You can create reports that show key metrics for any system or device connected to your network.

Measure application performance metrics across multiple endpoints.

Generate alerts when your applications go offline or perform poorly.

It allows you to monitor your infrastructure 24/7 and reduce costs.

You can avoid Downtime by allowing you to know the status of your applications and systems.

It prevents security breaches, downtime, and data loss due to unplanned outages.

🚀 What are Azure Monitoring Best Practices?

Here are some key best practices of Azure Monitoring tools:

Use a monitoring tool such as Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) or Azure Monitor to provide comprehensive and accurate insight into your cloud azure resources, their health, and performance.

Consider using Application Insights to monitor key metrics from your applications in the cloud.

Determine whether you need a full-time on-premises solution for monitoring your infrastructure by evaluating your SLA requirements.

🏅 How do you monitor SQL in the Azure environment?

There are various kinds of applications that you can use to monitor azure SQL databases. Here are some of the best ones:

SolarWinds Monitor is one such tool that provides the following features:

Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor is a monitoring service that monitors your databases and applications for performance, availability, and compliance issues.

It automatically monitors all your databases in real time so you can see any problems as soon as they occur.

Its powerful API allows developers to build custom dashboards with real-time data from their azure SQL databases.

This hybrid cloud environment provides an easy way to monitor multiple servers simultaneously using the same tooling used by thousands of companies worldwide.

❗ What Data Types do Azure Monitoring Tools Collect?

Here are various data types collected by the Azure Monitoring tool:

Application data: Data related with custom application code. It is the primary data on the performance and functionality of the code that you have written in any medium.

Operating System data: Data related with the operating system in which your application is running. For example, data from the Windows or Linux virtual machines which host your application.

Azure resource data: Data related to an Azure resource’s operations, like a web app or a load balancer.

Azure subscription monitoring data: Data related to subscription also includes data about Azure health and availability.

💻 How do I Monitor Azure Service?

Here are some different techniques for monitoring your Azure resources:

You can use Resource Manager and create pools of resources that you can allocate across different projects.

Azure allows you to select the number of instances and allocation units for each resource type, such as CPU, Memory, Disk Storage, Network Connections, etc.

You can use classic mode and deploy virtual machines or applications directly into your subscription’s environment.

If you wish to share an application with other users without deploying it yourself, you can use consumption plans, which you can share with others.

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