Trending October 2023 # 36 Chrome Tips And Tricks For Mac: Get Work Done Quickly # Suggested November 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # 36 Chrome Tips And Tricks For Mac: Get Work Done Quickly # Suggested November 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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Google Chrome is an excellent browser, and even Mac users love to use it as their primary window to the internet. If you also prefer the most-used browser globally, learn about some handy tips and tricks to enhance your browsing experience. So, let us get straight in and show you 36 tips and tricks for Google Chrome on macOS.

1. Make Chrome your default Mac browser

2. Use Groups in Chrome

The newly introduced ‘Group’ feature in Chrome is fantastic for organizing tabs. It lets you have one or several open tabs in neat groups. This declutters your top Chrome bar and keeps all tabs explicitly bundled to a topic (or as you desire).

3. Need a text editor? Use Chrome for it

4. Reopen recently closed tab

5. Quickly compose an email from the URL address bar (Omnibar)

Type mailto: in Chrome’s URL address bar, and it will open your Mac’s email app ready to compose a new mail.

You may follow mailto: with an email address to accelerate the process. For example: mailto: [email protected]

6. Use other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc., from Chrome Omnibar

7. Search for your emails from the Omnibar

8. Control YouTube or other music sites using a tiny handy button

9. Use URL address bar for simple mathematical calculations and conversions

The Chrome Omnibar is a handy place for basic calculations and conversions. You can say it is a tiny version of your Mac’s Spotlight Search.

Type 78/3 or 60 feet to inches and things like this in the URL address bar. You will immediately see the answer below.

10. Create website shortcuts in the Launchpad

To Delete this shortcut: Press command + spacebar to open Spotlight and search for Chrome Apps. Open the folder and delete the app icon.

11. Use private mode

Open Chrome and press command + shift + N to open a new incognito window. Whatever you browse in this window will not be saved as history, cookies, or site data.

12. Search something quickly from a page

13. Bookmark all open tabs

16. Use Chrome as a multimedia player to open files like PDF, videos, etc.

Chrome is a handy multimedia player as it lets you open several files effortlessly. Just drag and drop a PDF, image, movie, or music file into Chrome to open/play it!

17. Choose what to open when you startup Chrome

If you are like me, you may be happy to have a single clean homescreen when you launch Chrome. But did you know that you can set it to open anything you desire!

18. Pin tabs just like Safari

19. Use Apple’s Chrome extension for iCloud Keychain passwords

Apple recently launched the iCloud Passwords extension for Chrome. This lets you fill password stored in iCloud Keychain while using Chrome. You can download the official extension from here and take it for a spin.

20. Keep everything in the cloud

21. Autofill passwords, address, etc.

If you make purchases or have to type in your passwords, addresses, email, phone numbers often, it is possible to let Chrome do these automatically for you. Here’s how.

22. Set Chrome appearance according to your liking

23. Choose not to use Google as the search engine

Want to use something else instead of Google search? What about DuckDuckGo that is more privacy-focused, or Bing, which is a good alternative to Google?

24. Change Chrome download location on Mac

25. Use extensions to enhance your Chrome experience

Extensions are a massive part of Chrome that let you add features to it. I wouldn’t be wrong to say what apps are to smartphones; extensions are to Chrome (or other browsers). You can add new extensions from the Chrome web store.

26. Move open tabs to left or right

Place the mouse pointer on the top of a Chrome tab and drag it left or right.

27. Manage site permissions

You see a small popup before a site that can access your location, Mac’s microphone/camera, send notifications, etc. You can manage all these permissions on a single screen.

28. Clear browsing data

29. Use Chrome’s Task Manager

The browser’s Task Manager lets you view which Chrome tabs, extensions, and processes are utilizing how much resources. From here, you can also end the process if something is consuming resources extensively and slowing down your Mac.

30. Add different profiles like personal, office, wife, or guest browser

Here’s how to do it:

31. Cast your screen

32. Instantly create a QR code of a webpage

If you are signed in to the same Google account on Chrome on your Mac (and even smartphone), you will see the tabs on both. But what if you are reading something on a site using a friend’s computer or you want to look professional? In this case, creating a QR code for the page comes in handy. Earlier I used to use a site called QR Code Generator. But now, Chrome takes care of it. Here is how.

33. Use Chrome experimental features

Want to see what all is in work? Well, Chrome lets you test experimental features if you are curious about them. For this, type or copy-paste chrome://flags in the URL. From here, you can choose to enable certain experimental features you like.

34. Use Chrome URLs

35. Keyboard shortcuts for Chrome on Mac

Keyboard shortcuts make any task fast and efficient. Chrome is full of keyboard shortcuts that you can use. Some of the helpful ones are listed below. For a detailed list, please visit this official Google support page.

36. Restore Chrome to default settings

At last, if you feel that Chome is not working as expected for you or has altered several settings and are having a tough time figuring things out, you can restore everything to the default state.

Ready to use Chrome like a pro?

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