Trending October 2023 # A Quick Glance On Sketchup Rotate # Suggested November 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # A Quick Glance On Sketchup Rotate # Suggested November 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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Introduction to SketchUp Rotate Rotate in SketchUp

We will first start by creating a simple model and then some other objects to demonstrate rotation in SketchUp.

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Step 1: Let’s start with a simple meter template. To learn more about the rotate tool we will first create a component.

Step 5: Then using line tool hover over the top rectangle to get the midpoint and join it to the opposite side to create a line.

Step 6: Then using move tool you can move up. To move it straight you can constraint it to an axis like pressing up arrow key constraint to blue axis, move it by 0.3.

Step 7: Then again use push pull tool but this time hold ctrl key as we need to create another surface on top and give it .1.

Step 10: Again use the rectangle tool to create a door shape.

Step 12: Then again we use push pull tool to move the door rectangle inside.

Step 13: Similarly we move the circular part in.

Step 14: Then use select tool and drag over the house to select all the parts as we are going to group it so that we can rotate as we want.

Step 15: Then use create component tool and give the definition and description and keep all the other options to the default values. Make sure that replace selection with component is checked.

Step 17: Let’s first set the base point on which you want to rotate as shown we have selected the right corner of the house.

Step 18: Now set the target point on the left corner and then drag the mouse and the house will be rotated along the axis made by selected base and target point.

Step 20: Now let’s create a sphere. First draw a circle with the circle tool.

Step 21: Then draw another circle along the blue axis.

Step 22: Then selecting the horizontal circle use the follow me tool and then select vertical circle.

Step 23: Then use the eraser tool to remove the extra circle.

Step 24: Now first select the sphere and what we will do is that we will rotate the sphere around the house.

Step 26: Another method of rotation is with move tool where there is no need to use rotate tool. Let’s create a cube by the two-step process of creating a rectangle and then push to create cube.

Step 27: Then select the entire cube and make group.

Step 28: Now when you will use the move tool and hover over the surfaces when you will see red cross which when you hover over the rotate icon will show.

Step 31: Then press ctrl and drag to 45 degrees.

Step 32: Then press *7 to create 7 more copies. Make sure you do not select another tool while performing this as it will cancel this operation.

Conclusion – SketchUp Rotate

In this article we have seen how to use rotate in SketchUp. Firstly, we started by creating a house model so we get aware will some general tools then we used rotate tool on the house, then we created a sphere which was rotated around the house and then used move tool to rotate, finally finished off with rotation along the origin.

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