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Trending October 2023 # Angular Js Vs Vue Js # Suggested November 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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Differences Between Angular JS vs Vue JS

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Angular JS

Google developers maintain angular JS to address the challenges faced during the development of single-page applications. The purpose of Vue is to organize and simplify web development. Vue was originally released on February 2014. It is also described as the Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework because its approach is modular toward building an application.

There is more than one JavaScript file in Angular JS. The core file is included by every application wishes to use Angular JS since it contains major framework features. Additional files and modules can be added to the functionality built on the top of a core feature.

Angular JS provides the potential to build GUI (Graphical User Interface) for dynamic websites and web programs. Single-page applications are created smoothly using the Angular JS framework, which allows writing custom HTML codes and integrating with other UI tools.

Vue JS

Vue was created by Evan You after utilizing  Angular JS in multiple projects in Google. With the help of Vue, web UI developments can be more approachable. It is easier for developers to pick up since it is less opinionated. The architecture of Vue is incrementally adaptable; this is one of the key strengths of Vue.

The core library of Vue focuses primarily on declarative rendering and component composition and can be embedded into existing pages. When it comes to design reactive systems, Vue can become a lifesaver within a short span of time.  It also provides seamless configuration and customization to fit the specific needs of already existing web pages.

Angular JS is very useful in creating dynamic web applications. Developers working with Angular JS use HTML as the template language, and its syntax is used to express the application’s component briefly. Its architecture allows automatic and smooth data synchronization between model, view, and components. For a single-page based web application, Angular JS is quicker and easier to code. Its templates are the same as the traditional plain HTML and include extended HTML terminology, which means that even a beginner can straight away get his hands dirty with Angular JS.

Vue makes use of DOM (Document Object Model), which is also used by other JavaScript frameworks like React, Ember, etc. Instead of directly changing the DOM, it will change the replica of DOM; final changes are updated then to the real DOM, which the users will see changes.

Head to Head Comparison Between Angular JS and Vue JS (Infographics)

Below is the Top 8 Comparisons Between Angular JS and Vue JSL:

Key Differences Between Angular JS and Vue JS

Angular JS is a great option for building long size projects, where Vue JS is ideal for lightweight projects.

Angular JS doesn’t have to be added installed separately; one must add it like any other JavaScript file so that it be used in applications, whereas Vue JS uses CLI or CDN for installation.

Angular JS is a front-end framework and can be used with any backend programming language like PHP, Java etc., whereas Vue JS is strictly front-end based and uses HTML, CSS and JS separately.

Angular JS is created entirely using JavaScript, whereas Vue JS uses HTML-based template syntax and creates with the concepts like Models and Components.

Angular JS support real-time applications like instant messaging or chat apps, whereas Vue JS is best suited for lightweight single-page applications by providing an easy interface.

Angular JS is an open-source framework for the client-side of the application, whereas Vue JS is an open-source and progressive framework for building user interfaces.

Angular JS implements the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) pattern, whereas Vue mainly focuses on ViewModel, meaning it lets us see display the portions of data.

One need time to get used to Angular, whereas the learning curve for Vue JS is relatively easier than Angular JS; one can build a non-trivial application with Vue JS within a few hours, which is not possible with Angular JS.

Angular JS is a web application framework, whereas Vue JS is a progressive framework perfect for building single-page applications.

Angular JS is opinionated, which means there is a certain way application should be structured, whereas Vue JS is modular and flexible.

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Angular JS and Vue JS Comparison Table

Following is the comparison table between 8 Angular JS and Vue JS.

Basis For Comparison Angular JS Vue JS

Popularity Highly popular Slowly gaining a place, a good competitor for Angular in future

Dependencies Has to import the required modules to get started It does not have a built-in feature like Angular

Compatibility Projects developed in AngularJS can’t be converted to Angular 2 due to core differences. Good with backward compatibility

TypeScript User need to have an understanding of TypeScript, to begin with, Angular Coding can be done anywhere in codepen using CDN library

Flexibility Not that easy to start working with other existing projects It can be easily merged with other projects without any issues

Complexity Little difficult for beginners to start with it A beginner can take the CDN library and start with it

Performance Fast and decent pace for front-end development Faster and lighter than Angular

Application More “industrial” and adapted to a larger team working on the front end More suited for lightweight application


Angular JS is a better option for those developers who need to deal with both client-side and server-side modes. Angular JS would be an ideal choice if one wishes to create heavy web applications with several components and complex requirements. One can also go with Angular JS if there is a requirement to choose the new project’s existing components.

Vue JS is lightweight and acts as a fitter little brother of Angular JS. If you want a less opinionated framework, Vue JS is a better choice than Angular JS, whereas Angular JS is a preferred way of building complex applications, yet good quality. Basically, which one is perfect boils down to the nature of the project and a developer’s learning capability. But Angular JS vs Vue JS, both JavaScript frameworks, can give your application development the best results.

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