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Trending October 2023 # How Does Error Function Work In Xml With Examples? # Suggested November 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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Definition of XML Error

XML defines errors and warnings in their specifications and XML handles them with XML error handler which in turn uses SAX protocols. Generally Speaking, XML documents are used widely in various applications to store structured data which may include Missing elements, misformatted and even be with mismatch values. Even a well-formatted XML document has errors which are syntactically correct but may be due to missing attributes etc. These handlers are well defined while opening and closing of XML data Sources as XML define error classes once the warning issued by the XMLParser.

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Syntax and Parameters

Following are the different functions used with PHP to detect an error in their function:


This function has three parameters with corresponding values.

Functions: libxml error handler in PHP for XML.

libxml_get_errors (void): array

This function returns an array of error in the buffer


Msg is the error message.


xmlErrorPtr to)

Here making copy of an error and this function returns ‘0’ is case of no error and ‘-1’ in case of error generated. here from is the source error and to is the destination error. To display validation error to resolve it we use XSR_GET_PARSING_DIAGNOSTIC to get detailed error information.

The schema file XSD uses XSR_function as :


How does Error Function Work in XML?

The syntax error is identified by the parser. When it is been identified it generates XML Exception with the certain information which is given below:

To handle the errors efficiently processing steps should be taken with the parser statement and special register as well.

The register XML_EVENT has ‘Exceptions’

XML_CODE has numeric exception codes. It is set to zero while handling the exceptions. If No CODE phase is entered then the control is back to the XML_Parser and now the XML_Code is set to Zero.

XML_TEXT has the point where the error is detected in the text.

The error message that is thrown by the parser is

The above statement has three lines of Statements. The first statement specifies the cached error message and the next two lines has the description context of the XML Document holding the error and a specified pointer to point the exact error. The keywords present in this message is explained:

(domain_definition): It provides the xml file name which contains the error. The filename specified inside the parenthesis is termed as a local file.

number: Gives the line number where the error is.

Start Tag: invalid element name in the DOC element of the XML file.

Fatal Error: One simple way to introduce fatal errors in an XML document is to remove the closing tag to create a situation like no corresponding end tags. Exceptions with the range 1- 49 are considered to be a fatal error and the parser doesn’t do normal parsing even though the exception is handled.

Error: This is a simple recoverable error.

Warning Message: A simple general Warning.

The above types of errors are implemented in java to parse an error file in XML. The sample function part is illustrated below:


xml_parse () function returns error during parsing an XML document and issues a message RNX0351. This provides a corresponding error code for the determined error also shows the offset where the error was found. Every XML request is validated for complete check for well-formed documents if it generates any syntax errors no response is returned back meanwhile this parser function is invoked.

Examples of XML Error

Using PHP-With simple String load of XML file lets see how the errors are parsed in PHP using XML function _get_errors().

Example #1 – Using_get_errors()


The above code displays the output like throwing the error in the line specifying end of data as I missed a quotes in xml declaration.


Example #2 – Using _internal_error


Example #3 – Handling Internal errors



Example #4 – Request and Response

Implementation of request and response message to the server application by the client.




Therefore, we have seen errors in Various Programming Language. The above-briefed function concludes at the maximum the error codes and line numbers at the place which will be reported by the message in the Result. To conclude with the above basic explanation we can successfully avoid the problems in the XML file.

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