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Trending October 2023 # How To Create Ssis Expression Task With Examples? # Suggested November 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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What is SSIS expression?

We can normally define an expression term as an arrangement of symbols-identifiers, functions, operators, and literals that produce only one data value. Further, a simple expression will be only one constant, variable, or function. However, we can make an expression more compound type often used by implementing various functions and operators and referencing numerous variables and columns.

But in SSIS services, we can say that expressions are applied to state conditions for forming and updating values in the data columns, CASE statements, allocating values to variables, modifying or occupying properties at the time of execution, describing constraints in the precedence constraints, and delivering the expression implemented by For Loop container.

Create SSIS expression task

Let us view how to create an expression task for SSIS Connection Manager as follows:

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Here, an expression can be created now and can be evaluated or verified as a true or false one.

SSIS Expression Elements

Let us discuss a few components or, say, elements that can implement expressions in Integrated services:

1. Variables can apply expression for setting their value. For instance, GETDATE() helps to set the variable value to the current date.

2. Unlike destinations, the Conditional Split transformation uses a decision structure that depends on expressions for aiming data rows.

3. The Derived Column transformation implements values generated by expressions for either populating new columns or updating prevailing columns in a data flow. For instance, the expression Column1 + “XYZ” can be applied to create a new value or even modify a value with the help of a concatenated string.

Use of SSIS expression

SSIS Expressions can modify container packages’ properties, like the Foreach Loop and the For Loop, package, tasks, and project-level connection log providers, managers, and even Foreach enumerators. For instance, the string can be assigned as a property expression “Localhost.AdventureWorks” to the connectionName property specified in the Execute SQL job.

In the Integration Services, SSIS expressions are used for stating conditions to create and update values in the columns of data; for CASE statements, allocate values to variables.

Also, SSIS expression is applied for stating constraints in precedence constraints, altering or occupying properties at the time of the run, and giving the expressions implemented by For Loop container.

Expression is used for control flow and data flow consisting of expression for SSIS Expression builder, SSIS Expression for variables, Connection Manager in SSIS, SSIS expression for container or package, etc.

SSIS expression Common examples

Let us see the visual representation of a specified Expression:

In the SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools), a minor image is displayed to denote the object using an expression on the Task/ Connection Manager/ Container. View the example below, which shows that an expression is applied in the Connection Manager:

Using expression defined for an SSIS Container:

Now, we will view how the expression can be implemented to configure the file extension and the folder at run time.

Now, in the expression window, you can add the Folder variable name and then calculate as displayed below:

As soon as the specified expression is added, you can see the expression in the main window:


An expression depends on an expression language along with the expression evaluator, which analyses the specific expression and identifies whether the expression confirms the rules of the expression language or not.

This information described on SSIS Expression can benefit you to begin the implementation of expression in developing the SSIS package. Once the basics are familiar, one can extend the expression, including the operators and functions.

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