Trending October 2023 # How To Properly Clean Your Ps5? # Suggested November 2023 # Top 13 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # How To Properly Clean Your Ps5? # Suggested November 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Cleaning the PS5 is fast and easy and won’t damage anything. Sony’s design allows users to open the plate without tools and clean up the fan without touching anything else. 

Here’re the general steps to clean your PS5:

Turn off the console, unplug all of its cables, and take out the PS5’s stand, if you’re using one

Remove the faceplates. They don’t have screws, so it’s easy.

Clean the lids with a soft toothbrush, a micro-fiber cloth, or a low-powered vacuum.

Clean up dust deposits in the air intakes with your tools.

Remove the fan from its bracket and clean it.

Put the pieces back. 

To complete the troubleshooting, here’s what you need:

Your cleaning kit consists of a micro-fiber cloth and a soft toothbrush. Optional, you can get canned air or a low-powered vacuum. Lastly, it would help if you had isopropyl alcohol.

You may need a plastic pry, or a spudger, to help you open the PS5’s plate.

You may need a flat-head screwdriver, or at least a coin, to take out the stand. 

Tweezers would also help you.

A T8 screwdriver or a Phillips Head screwdriver for deeper fan cleaning.

We’re explaining it in detail.

Take Out the Stand

The first part is taking out the stand, but you only need to follow it if you put the PS5’s stand vertically. You can skip it if you’re not using one or if the stand is put horizontally. 

Turn off the PS5 and unplug all of its cables.

Flip the PS5 upside down, with the stand facing up.

Use a flathead screwdriver, or a coin, to remove the stand’s screw.

Lif the stand up to remove it.

 Put the screw on its slot.

Use tweezers to take the plastic screw out, and put it into the screw hole.

Twist the PS5’s stand counterclockwise to close the compartment.

Now, if your base is placed in the horizontal direction, you only need to remove it. Simply put the console on its face, with the charging port facing upwards. Then, lift the base up to remove it.

Remove the PS5’s Plate

The next step is taking out the PS5 plates. You require no tools, but if it becomes difficult, you may use a plastic pry or a spudger.

Lift the corner of the top faceplate, the one with a PlayStation logo. Lift it with your plastic pry or your nails until it “unclips” from the case.

While you lift the corner, slide the plate towards the device’s bottom.

Remove the left faceplate as well.

Place the console on a clean table. Don’t place it on a rug or a carpet. 

Remove both the upper and lower plater before going through the clean-up.

Clean the Plates

The first part of your cleaning revolves around the lid. Use a vacuum to clean out the plates.

Then, use a microfiber cloth with a bit of alcohol to clean it deeper. If you don’t have the microfiber cloth, you can use a regular cloth, a brush, a wipe, or cue tips.

Clean the Intake and the Exhaust Vents

Now, we’re going to clean the air intake from dust. This is where the air goes in and out of your console, so cleaning it is paramount. 

Use a brush to clean the bottom vents. The goal is to take out the dust.

Use canned air, vacuum, or below to dust off the area.

Clean the top intakes with your brush.

Dust off the area in a similar manner.

Remove the vents and clean them further

Clean the Fan

Removing the fan and cleaning it deeply is also a good idea. 

Remove the four screws of the fan plate.

Remove the plate.

Remove the plastic cover below the fan with a plastic pry.

Use your tweezers to remove the connection. Pull it up very gently.

Pull the fan out with your hands.

Clean it with your brush, cloth, or cue tips. Use a bit of alcohol as well.

Clean both sides of the fan.

Clean the heatsink fins inside the fan spot with a soft brush.

Use a vacuum to remove debris, dust, and rust within the fins.

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