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Trending October 2023 # How To Type Inside A Shape Using Photoshop # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Words can have meaning when they are paired with shapes. The shapes will draw interest in people who will want to then read the words. Photoshop allows you to write words within any shape. You can use this skill to make interesting artwork for business or personal use.

How to type inside a Shape using Photoshop

Let us see how to fill a shape with text. You can shape words into a shape, type text inside a shape using this Photoshop tutorial. Learning to type within any shape will open up new ideas of what you can do with this skill. This article will take you through the simple process of writing within any shape. Follow the steps below and learn a new interesting Photoshop skill. For special occasions, writing in a shape would come in handy, you could write in a heart shape for that special person.

How to make text into a shape in Photoshop Draw the Shape

Photoshop offers many ways to create shapes. You can draw shapes using the Pen Tool, you can use the Ellipse Tool, the Rounded Rectangle, the Polygon Tool, or the Custom Shapes. You may also create your own custom shape by merging shapes. Make sure the shape is big enough to make the words visible enough. If there are lots of curves the shape will need to be big enough to make the texts show properly.

To get the shape to be drawn with fill if it is on Path, select the shape, go to the top of the window and choose Shape. You will still be able to write in the shape even though it is just the Path (outline) that is there.

Fill with Text

When you have decided on the shape you want to use just draw it on the canvas.

Whether you use Path or Shape the same procedures would work for writing the text. To write the text just select the Text Tool and hover inside the shape until the cursor changes to the cursor in a little circle.

Type the text that you want in the shape until it is full. You can adjust the size of the shape and also the size of the font so that your text can fit. Be sure to choose a font type that fits your occasion, and is easy to read.


One great way to make this stand out is to use the shape option then you can work on the shape to make it stand out. Experiment with colors and styles, and bring out your creativity.

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How can Typing in a shape be useful?

Typing in a shape is a way of keeping texts from overflowing when you type. It is like a text box that controls the flow of text. Typing in a shape can be an interesting way to use space. Typing in a shape can make your artwork look interested.

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How hard is it to type in a Shape?

Typing in a shape is very easy. read this article and you will realize that even a beginner can do it. The steps are easy to follow and remember, you will be doing it from memory after the first time.

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