Trending October 2023 # Keyboard Shortcuts For Premiere Pro # Suggested November 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Keyboard Shortcuts For Premiere Pro # Suggested November 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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What is Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcut Keys?

Adobe Premiere Pro is an Adobe Systems Timeline Video Editing App. Premiere Pro supports video editing with up to 10,240 resolution by 8,192[10] in both RGB and YUV, with up to 32-bit color. Audio sample editing, support for VST audio plug-in, and 5.1 surround sound mixing is provided. The plugin architecture for Premiere Pro allows you to import and export formats outside of QuickTime or DirectShow support for a wide variety of applications.

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You can view all the commands assigned to this unmodified key and all other modification combinations when you select the key on the keyboard layout.

Premiere Pro detects the hardware of a keyboard and displays the corresponding keyboard layout.

If a non-supported keyboard is detected by Premiere Pro, the standard view in the US. Keyboard in English. The default is to display the preset of Adobe Premiere Pro Default.

The preset pop-up menu is changed to Custom when you change the shortcut. You can choose Save As to save the personalized shortcut as a preset when making the required changes.

Shortcuts of Application Premiere Pro

Application shortcuts and command shortcuts can be assigned commands.

The shortcuts function irrespective of the panel focus, and panel shortcuts only work with a focus panel.

Some keyboard shortcuts only work in particular panels. This means you can have the same key assigned to you more than once. The pop-up window can also be used, with a certain number of panel shortcuts displayed (for the time line, for example).

If the shortcut panel has the same shortcut as an application Shortcut, it does not work when it is focused.

A shortcut to an application shortcut already used by another application shortcut is displayed.

Another command in the same panel already has a panel shortcut in use.

A panel will override an application shortcut if this panel is focused.

Keyboard Shortcuts Keys for Premiere Pro

Results Windows  Mac oS


Project/Production… CtrlAltN OptCmdN

Sequence… CtrlN CmdN



Title… CtrlT CtrlT

Open Project/Production CtrlO CmdO

Browse in Adobe Bridge CtrlAltO OptCmdO

Close Project CtrlShiftW ShiftCmdW

Close CtrlW CmdW

Save CtrlS CmdS

Save As CtrlAltS ShiftCmdS

Save a Copy CtrlAltS OptCmdS

Capture CtrlAltN OptCmdN

Batch Capture F5 F5

Import from Media Browser CtrlAltN OptCmdN

Import CtrlAltI OptCmdI

Export Shortcut Keys

Media… CtrlM CmdM

Selection… CtrlShiftH ShiftCmdH

Exit CtrlQ

Edit Shortcut Keys

Undo CtrlZ CmdZ

Redo CtrlShiftZ ShiftCmdZ

Cut CtrlX CmdX

Copy CtrlC CmdC

Paste CtrlV CmdV

Paste Insert CtrlShiftV ShiftCmd<V

Paste Attributes CtrlAltV OptCmdV

Clear Delete ForwardDelete

Ripple Delete ShiftDelete ShiftForwardDelete

Duplicate CtrlShift ShiftCmd

Select All CtrlA CmdA

Deselect All CtrlShiftA ShiftCmdA

Find… CtrlF CmdF

Edit Original CtrlE Cmd

Clip Shortcut Keys

Make Subclip… CtrlU CmdU

Audio Channels… ShiftG ShiftG

Speed/Duration… CtrlR CmdR

Insert , ,

Overwrite . .

Enable ShiftE ShiftCmdE

Link CtrlI CmdI

Group CtrlG CmdG

Ungroup CtrlShiftG ShiftCmdG

Sequence Shortcut Keys

Render Effects in Work Area Enter Return

Match Frame F F

Add Edit CtrlK CmdK

Add Edit to All Tracks CtrlShiftK ShiftCmdK

Trim Edit T T

Extend Selected Edit to Playhead E E

Apply Video Transition CtrlD CmdD

Apply Audio Transition CtrlShiftD ShiftCmdD

Apply Default Transitions to Selection ShiftD ShiftD

Lift ; ;

Extract ‘ ‘

Zoom In = =

Zoom Out – –

Go to Gap Shortcut Keys

Next in Sequence Shift; Shift;

Previous in Sequence CtrlShift;

Snap S S

Premiere Pro Marker Keys

Mark In I I

Mark Out O O

Mark Clip X X

Mark Selection

Go to In ShiftI ShiftI

Go to Out ShiftO ShiftO

Clear In CtrlShiftI OptI

Clear Out CtrlShiftO OptO

Clear In Clear Out CtrlShiftX OptX

Add Marker M M

Go to Next Marker ShiftM ShiftM

Go to the Previous Marker CtrlShiftM ShiftCmdM

Clear Current Marker CtrlAltM OptM

Clear All Markers CtrlAltShiftM OptCmdM

Type Alignment Shortcut Keys

Left CtrlShift ShiftCmdL

Center CtrlShiftC ShiftCmdC

Right CtrlShiftR ShiftCmdR

Tab Stops… CtrlShiftT ShiftCmdT

Templates… CtrlJ CmdJ

Select Shortcut Keys

Next Object Above CtrlAlt OptCmd

Next Object Below CtrlAlt[ OptCmd[

Arrange Keys

Bring to Front CtrlShift ShiftCmd]

Bring Forward Ctrl] Cmd]

Send to Back CtrlShift ShiftCmd[

Send Backward Ctrl[ Cmd[

Workspace Shortcut Keys


Reset Current Workspace… AltShiftO OptShiftO

Audio Clip Mixer Shift9

Audio Track Mixer Shift6 Shift6

Effect Controls Shift5 Shift5

Effects Shift7 Shift7

Media Browser Shift8 Shift8

Program Monitor Shift4 Shift4

Project Shift1 Shift1

Source Monitor Shift2 Shift2

Timelines Shift3 Shift3

Help Keys

This Help Key Shortcuts for Premiere Pro in Keyboard is one of the most helpful keys.

Adobe Premiere Pro Help… F1 F1

Keyboard Keys

Clear Poster Frame CtrlShiftP OptP

Cut to Camera 1 Ctrl1 Ctrl1

Cut to Camera 2 Ctrl2 Ctrl2

Cut to Camera 3 Ctrl3 Ctrl3

Cut to Camera 4 Ctrl4 Ctrl4

Cut to Camera 5 Ctrl5 Ctrl5

Cut to Camera 6 Ctrl6 Ctrl6

Cut to Camera 7 Ctrl7 Ctrl7

Cut to Camera 8 Ctrl8 Ctrl8

Cut to Camera 9 Ctrl9 Ctrl9

Decrease Clip Volume [ [

Decrease Clip Volume Many Shift[ Shift[

Expand All Tracks Shift= Shift=

Export Frame CtrlShiftE ShiftE

Extend Next Edit To Playhead ShiftW ShiftW

Extend the Previous Edit To Playhead ShiftQ ShiftQ

Audio Mixer Panel Menu Shortcut Keys

Show/Hide Tracks… CtrlAltT OptCmdT

Loop CtrlL CmdL

Meter Input(s) Only CtrlShiftI CtrlShiftI

Capture Panel Shortcut Keys

Record Video V V

Record Audio A A

Eject E E

Fast Forward F F

Go to In point Q Q

Go to Out point W W

Record G G

Rewind R R

Step Back Left Left

Step Forward Right Right

Stop S S

Effect Controls Panel Menu Keys

Remove Selected Effect Backspace Delete

New Custom Bin Ctrl Cmd

Delete Custom Item Backspace Delete

Premiere Pro History Panel Keys

Step Backward Left Left

Step Forward Right Right

Delete BackSpace Delete

Open in Source Monitor ShiftO ShiftO

Parent Directory CtrlUp CmdUp

Select Directory List ShiftLeft ShiftLeft

Select Media List ShiftRight ShiftRight

Loop CtrlL CmdL

Play Space Space

Go to Next Edit Point Down Down

Go to Previous Edit Point Up Up

Play/Stop Toggle Space Space

Record On/Off Toggle 0 0

Step Back Left Left

Step Forward Right Right

Loop CtrlL CmdL

Tools Shortcut Keys

Selection Tool V V

Track Select Tool A A

Ripple Edit Tool B B

Rolling Edit Tool N N

Rate Stretch Tool R R

Razor Tool C C

Slip Tool Y Y

Slide Tool U U

Pen Tool P

Hand Tool H H

Zoom Tool Z Z

Now we are going to see the Multi-media Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Multi-media Shortkeys


Go to Next Edit Point Down Down

Go to Next Edit Point on Any Track ShiftDown ShiftDown

Go to Previous Edit Point

Go to Previous Edit Point on Any Track ShiftUp ShiftUp

Go to Selected Clip End ShiftEnd ShiftEnd

Go to Selected Clip Start ShiftHome ShiftHome

Go to Sequence-Clip End End End

Go to Sequence-Clip Start Home Home

Increase Clip Volume ]

Increase Clip Volume Many Shift] Shift]

Maximize or Restore Active Frame Shift’ Shift’

Maximize or Restore Frame Under Cursor ‘ ‘

Minimize All Tracks Shift- Shift-

Play Around ShiftK ShiftK

Play In to Out CtrlShiftSpace OptK

Play In to Out with Preroll/Postroll ShiftSpace ShiftSpace

Play from Playhead to Out Point CtrlSpace CtrlSpace

Play-Stop Toggle Space SpaceRecord

Reveal Nested Sequence CtrlShiftF ShiftT

Ripple Trim Next Edit To Playhead W W

Ripple Trim Previous Edit To Playhead Q Q

Select Camera 1 1 1

Select Camera 2 >2 2

Select Camera 3 3 3

Select Camera 4 4 4

Select Camera 5

Select Camera 6 6 6

Select Camera 7 7 7

Select Camera 8 8 8

Select Camera 9 9 9

Select Find Box ShiftF ShiftF

Select Clip at Playhead D D

Select Next Clip CtrlDown CmdDown

Select Next Panel CtrlShift. CtrlShift.

Select Previous Clip CtrlUp

Select the Previous Panel CtrlShift, CtrlShift,

Set Poster Frame ShiftP CmdP

Shuttle Left J J

Shuttle Right L L

Shuttle Slow Left ShiftJ ShiftJ

Shuttle Slow Right ShiftL ShiL

Shuttle Stop K K

Step Back Left Left

Step Back Five Frames – Units ShiftL ShiftL

Step Forward Right Right

Step Forward Five Frames – Units ShiftRight ShiftRight

Toggle All Audio Targets Ctrl9 Ctrl9

Toggle All Source Audio CtrlAlt9 OptCmd9

Toggle All Source Video CtrlAlt0 OptCmd0

Toggle All Video Targets Ctrl0 Cmd0

Toggle Audio During Scrubbing Ctrl0 Cmd0

Toggle Full Screen Ctrl’ Ctrl’

Toggle Multi-Camera View Shift0 Shift0

Toggle Trim Type ShiftT CtrlT

Trim Backward CtrlLeft OptionLeft<

Trim Backward Many CtrlShiftLeft OptShiftLeft

Trim Forward CtrlRight OptRight

Trim Forward Many CtrlShiftRight OptShiftRight

Trim Next Edit to Playhead >CtrlAltW OptW

Trim Previous Edit to Playhead CtrlAlQ OptQ

Now we are going to see the Project panel Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Project Panel Keys

Workspace 1 AltSwift1 OptSwift1

Workspace 2 AltSwift2 OptSwift2

Workspace 3 AltSwift3 OptSwift3

Workspace 4 AltSwift4 OptSwift4

Workspace 5 AltSwift5 OptSwift5

Workspace 6 AltSwift6 OptSwift6

Workspace 7 AltSwift7 OptSwift7

Workspace 8 AltSwift8 OptSwift8

Workspace 9 AltSwift9 OptSwift9

Zoom to Sequence

Extend Selection Up SwiftUp SwiftUp

Move Selection Down Down Down

Move Selection End End End

Move Selection Home Home Home

Move Selection Left Left Left

Move Selection Page Down Page Down

Move Selection Page Up Page Up Page Up

Move Selection Right Right Right

Move Selection Up Up Up

Next Column Field

Next Row Field Enter Return

Open in Source Monitor ShiftO ShiftO

Previous Column Field ShiftTab ShiftTab

Previous Row Field ShiftEnter Shift<Return

Thumbnail Size Next Shift] Shift]

Thumbnail Size Previous Shift[ Shift[

Toggle View Shift Shift

Premiere Pro Timeline panel keys

Add Clip Marker

Clear Selection Backspace Delete

Decrease Audio Tracks Height Alt- Opt-

Decrease Video Tracks Height Ctrl- Cmd-

Increase Audio Tracks Height Alt= Opt=

Increase Video Tracks Height Ctrl= Cmd<=

Nudge Clip Selection Left Five Frames AltShiftLeft ShiftCmdLeft

Nudge Clip Selection Left One Frame AltLeft CmdLeft

Nudge Clip Selection Right Five Frames AltSwiftLeft ShiftCmdLeft

Nudge Clip Selection Right One Frame AltRight CmdRight

Ripple Delete AltBackspace OptDelete

Set Work Area Bar In Point Alt[< Opt[

Set Work Area Bar Out Point Alt] Opt]

Show Next Screen CtrlAltN OptCmdN

Show the Previous Screen Page Down Page Down

Slide Clip Selection Left Five Frames AltShift, OptShift,

Slide Clip Selection Left One Frame Alt, Opt,

Slide Clip Selection Right Five Frames AltShift. OptShift.

Slide Clip Selection Right One Frame Alt. Opt.

Slip Clip Selection Left Five Frames CtrlAltShiftLeft OptShiftCmdLeft

Slip Clip Selection Left One Frame CtrlAltLeft OptCmdLeft

Slip Clip Selection Right Five Frames CtrlAltShiftRight OptShiftCmdRight

Slip Clip Selection Right One Frame CtrlAltRight OptCmdRight

Titler Shortcut Keys


Arc Tool A <A

Bold CtrlB mdB

Decrease Kerning by Five Units AltShiftLeft OptShiftLeft

Decrease Kerning by One Unit <AltLeft OptLeft

Decrease Leading by Five Units AltShiftDown OptShiftDown

Decrease Leading by One Unit AltLeft OptLeft

Decrease Text Size by Five Points CtrlAltShiftLeft OptShiftCmdLeft

Decrease Text Size by One Point CtrlAltLeft OptCmdLeft<

Ellipse Tool E E

Increase Kerning by Five Units ShiftAltRight OptShiftRight

Increase Kerning by One Unit AltRight OptRight

Increase Leading by Five Units AltShiftUp OptShiftUp

Increase Leading by One Unit AltUp OptUp

Increase Text Size by Five Points CtrlAlt<ShiftRight OptShiftCmdRight

Increase Text Size by One Point CtrlAltRight OptCmdRight

Insert Copyright Symbol CtrlAltShiftC OptShiftCmdC

Insert Registered Symbol Ctrl<AltShiftR OpShiftCmdR

Italic CtrlI CmdI

Line Tool L L

Nudge Selected Object Down by Five Pixels ShiftDown ShiftDown

Nudge Selected Object Down by One Pixel Down Down

Nudge Selected Object Left by Five Pixels ShiftLeft ShiftLeft

Nudge Selected Object Left by One Pixel Left Left

Nudge Selected Object Right by Five Pixels ShiftRight ShiftRight

Nudge Selected Object Right by One Pixel Right Right

Nudge Selected Object Up by Five Pixels ShiftUp Shift<Up

Nudge Selected Object Up by One Pixel Up Up

Pen Tool P P

Position Object(s) to Bottom Title Safe Margin CtrlShiftD ShifCmdD

Position Object(s) to Left Title Safe Margin CtrlShiftF ShiftCmdF

Position Object(s) to Top Title Safe Margin CtrlShiftO ShiftCmdO

Rectangle Tool R R

Rotation Tool O O

Selection Tool V V

Type Tool T T


Vertical Type Tool C C

Wedge Tool W W

Trim Monitor Panel

Focus Both Outgoing and Incoming Alt1 Opt1

Focus on Incoming Side Alt3 3

Focus on Outgoing Side Alt2 Opt2

Loop CtrlL

Trim Backward by Large Trim Offset AltShiftLeft OptShiftLeft

Trim Backward by One Frame AltLeft OptLeft

Trim Forward by Large Trim Offset AltShiftRight OptShiftRight

Trim Forward by One Frame AltRight OptRight


Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcut key can be used for all common tasks of video editing required for the production of high-definition video broadcast quality. It is used for importing video, audio, and graphics and creating newly edited video versions that can be exported to the medium and distribution format. Different videos and still images can be edited together when creating videos with Premiere Pro. Videos can add titles, filters, and other effects can be applied.

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