Trending October 2023 # Know Top 18 Awesome Xamarin Interview Questions &Amp; Answers In 2023 # Suggested November 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Know Top 18 Awesome Xamarin Interview Questions &Amp; Answers In 2023 # Suggested November 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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Introduction to Xamarin Interview Questions and Answers

As we know that Xamarin is considered as the king of cross-platform application development. Therefore it is important to get an idea about what all are the common interview questions asked when you appear for a xamarin interview.

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In this Xamarin Interview Questions article, we shall present the 18 most important and frequently asked Xamarin Interview Questions. These interview questions are divided into two parts are as follows:

Part 1 – Xamarin Interview Questions (Basic)

This first part covers basic Xamarin Interview Questions and Answers.

Q1. What is Xamarin?

Ans: Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile application development framework that is used to build IOS, Android, and windows based applications. Microsoft developed Xamarin in the year 2011.

Q2. Name some Popular Applications that are based on Xamarin.

Ans: Here is the list of applications that are developed using xamarin.

Fresh Direct



Super Giant Games

Thermo fisher scientific


Bank Survey App

Just giving

Q3. What are the main Advantages of Xamarin?

Easy to learn

Xamarin has its own IDE.

Xamarin compiles applications in native form.

Supports Android, IOS as well as windows operating system

Less number of bugs

It does not have any limits.

Xamarin focuses mainly on UI and the back end.

The overall cost of the xamarin is less.

Allows easy sharing among different platforms

Xamarin provides faster development.

Allows easy API integration

Developing apps using xamarin is time-consuming.

Q5. What is XAML?

Ans: XAML stands for Extensible Application Markup Language. It is used for defining the User interface in xamarin.

Q6. State the Advantages of XAML.

Using XAML provides more precision.

When XAML is used, there is a clear division between application and code. Therefore it provides more efficiency.

XAML follows the parent-child hierarchy.

Q7. What is the Installation Process of Xamarin?

Ans: Installation of xamarin require the following:

Download xamarin installer.

Run the installer.

Configure xamarin.

Activate xamarin.

Q8. What do you mean by Data binding in Xamarin? Q9. What are the Different Types of data binding Models available in Xamarin?

Ans: The following are different types of data binding models in xamarin.


One Way: Source changes are reflected in the target.

One Way to the source: Target changes are reflected in the source.

Two Way: changes in source affects the target and vice versa.

Part 2 – Xamarin Interview Questions Q10. What do you understand by Xamarin.forms?

Ans: Xamarin. The form is a framework that provides developers with the scope to build cross-platform applications for android, IOS, and windows.

Q11. Name different layouts available in Xamarin.forms.

Ans: Here is a list of layouts available in Xamarin.forms:

Content presenter

Content view


Scroll view

Template view

Absolute layout


Relative layout

Stack layout

Q12. Explain different types of pages available in Xamarin.forms.

Ans: The following are different types of pages in Xamarin.forms:

Content Page: This page displays a single page like a container, for example, a scroll view or stack layout.

Navigation Page: This page manages navigation and user experiences.

Tabbed Page: This allows navigation of child pages by making use of tabs.

Master-Detail Page: This is used for managing two types of panes of information.

Templated Page: This page allows us to display the page’s full content with the base class or content page and control template.

Carousel Page: This is used for providing swipe gestures, just like a gallery.

Q13. What are the different types of scenario used in Xamarin .forms?

Ans: The following are different types of the scenario used in Xamarin .forms:

View to view bindings

Binding with the models

Backward bindings

Binding with the collections

Q14. What are the different elements used in Xamarin?

C# language

Mono .net framework


IDE tools

Q15. What are the Programming languages that Xamarin supports?

Ans:  C# is the programming language supported by xamarin to develop applications. In addition, xamarin provides XAML support for creating interactive User interfaces.

Q16. List down the differences between Native apps and cross-platform applications?

Ans: In order to develop native apps, we must choose a specific language for developing native applications. In this case, different code has to be developed for running on different operating systems. Languages used for native development are Objective C, C#, Java, and Swift.

In the case of cross-platform applications, a single code can be run on different operating systems. The Code is wrapped in a native application layer, but this always requires customization of user interfaces.

Q17. Explain the lifecycle of the Xamarin.forms app?

Ans: Lifecycle means a series of steps followed from start to finish of application.  There are three stages in the lifecycle of the Xamarin.forms app:

On Start: Invoked when the application starts.

OnSleep: Invoked every time an application goes to background.

OnResume: Invoked when an application comes back to the foreground from the background.

Q18. State different extension output files generated from xamarin.forms.

Ans: When we run the Xamarin application, it can generate the following application packages:

.xap/.Apps for windows phone 8, Windows, UWP

.ipafile for IOS

.apkfile for Android


The above-listed questions give a clear idea about an interview on Xamarin. We hope that the questions listed in this article will help you crack the interview.

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