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Trending October 2023 # Learn The Different Alternative Of Nagios # Suggested November 2023 # Top 19 Popular

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Introduction to Nagios Alternative

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List of Nagios Alternatives

Given below is the list of Nagios Alternatives:

1. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

This is the monitoring tool used to monitor the network and helps identify, detect, and diagnose the issues present in the network. The device availability is checked by the tool and used to monitor device performance. The problem’s root cause can be easily identified by this tool. The bandwidth usage threshold value can be customized as per user requirements. The network performance can be visualized via charts and graphs and displayed on the dashboard to understand device performance in the network better. The installation process of the tool is very easy and takes no time to install on the user system.

2. PRTG Network Monitor

The PRTG is another type of monitoring tool used for analyzing the network infrastructure so that performance can be monitored for the networking devices. The tool provides parameters statistics that include CPU load, bandwidth usage, and network overview to boost the network performance. The tool uses sensors for monitoring devices.

When the threshold value is reached, the tool sends alerts and alarms to inform the user to take appropriate actions. First, the device discovery is automated in the PRTG tool. Then, the packet monitoring is done in which the tool monitors every single packet to identify problems. The tool can be easily scaled for thousands of sensors and can be used to monitor the network situated at different locations.

3. ManageEngine OpManager

The OpManager tool also supports a centralized system for log monitoring to monitor security logs for troubleshooting issues. The bandwidth usage can be monitored using historical and current trends. The tool publishes the reports, and templates are used to provide information related to devise performance. All these reports can be made customized as per user requirements. The tool is available as a free trial version for one month so that users can check the tool’s functionality.

4. Zabbix

Enterprises use the Zabbix tool for monitoring network devices. The tool collects metrics from systems, devices, and applications. For example, all the parameter statistics like memory CPU usage can be collected for analysis, and the tool can identify performance bottlenecks. The tool functionality can be extended by writing custom scripts in different languages like Python, Ruby, and Perl. The tool also offers functionality to analyze historical data.

The third-party libraries can be easily integrated with the Zabbix tool. The tool supports a customized report creation option. The Zabbix tool supports multiple web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and many more. As the tool supports an interactive web interface, the information can be easily accessed from any location. The data can be easily connected from the network devices even when there are network issues present in the network.

5. Icinga

Icinga is another monitoring tool that was developed so that it can be used as a Nagios alternative. The tool is available as an open-source tool that can be used by the tool. Icinga tool covers all the limitations present in the Nagios tool and offers additional features to the user. For example, the tool can check the service in a parallel manner. In addition, the Icinga tool monitors the host, network, and other server components.

6. OpenNMS

The OpenNMS is another Nagios alternative that is available as Nagios alternative. The tool is developed to handle the workflow integration and follows event-driven type architecture. The data present in the network is easily accessible through RESTful API. The tool can send users notifications using various communication channels like Slack, Jabber, Twitter, and other communication channels. The tool’s notifications can also be customized as per user requirements.

7. Datadog

Datadog is another type of monitoring tool suitable for hybrid cloud environments. The tool offers monitoring network performance, applications, and different services. The tool provides flexibility to make the graph alerts customized. The application visibility becomes more clear in the Datadog tool. The management of log data is also supported by the Datadog tool. When the application has critical issues, the tool sends the alerts immediately. The other feature offered by the tool is the creation of interactive dashboards that can help better visualize the graphs and data.

Conclusion – Nagios Alternative

Several good alternatives are available for the Nagios tool that can help monitor the network devices and provide a better monitoring solution to the user. Every tool has its strength and weakness and is available in different price ranges. Therefore, the right tool can be easily selected for the Nagios alternative per user requirements.

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