Trending October 2023 # Monitor Turns Off Or Goes Black Randomly: 3 Fixes To Use # Suggested November 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Monitor Turns Off Or Goes Black Randomly: 3 Fixes To Use # Suggested November 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Monitor Turns Off or Goes Black Randomly: 3 Fixes to Use Apply these easy steps to fix the random issue








Random monitor blackouts could be a result of loose connections or the internal energy-saving circuit. 



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You must have found this guide because your monitor turns off randomly. Often computers will have issues that aren’t serious but can be frustrating. Other times they might be a warning sign of underlying issues, like a significant hardware problem. 

If your computer suddenly goes black, the first thing to check is whether the computer is set to enter sleep mode, which turns off the monitor. 

It could be a problem with the hardware, or it could be a problem with the software. It could also be a problem with the internal wiring of the monitor or a problem with something connected to the monitor.

Why does my monitor keep turning off when my PC is still on?

This is a problem in which the display randomly turns off and on. The display can be on for a few seconds to several minutes, then turned back off. 

There are many possible reasons for this. Some include:

Screen issues – One of the most common problems is something wrong with the screen itself. If you notice that your screen turns off when it gets hot, then there’s likely an issue with the cooling system in your computer. It, therefore, shuts down to minimize the risk of damage.

Faulty power switch – Your monitor may turn off randomly because of a faulty power switch on the back of the monitor. In your computer’s case, the power supply unit could be failing to send enough power to the monitor, causing it to shut off.

Loose connection – Another possible reason why your computer monitor randomly turns off could be due to a loose connection between the computer and the monitor.

Faulty GPU – If your graphics card drivers are outdated, it can cause crashes, video playback and display issues, game performance problems, and other related issues.

Fixing this problem is not as difficult as you might think. You can often use simple troubleshooting steps to determine why your computer monitor randomly turns off and fix it.

How can I fix a monitor that turns off randomly?

Before going into any recommended solutions:

Ensure that all cables are plugged in correctly. If you have doubts about whether a wire is connected correctly, unplug it and then plug it back in to see if it fixes anything.

Also, you must determine if it comes from your computer or your monitor. It may be helpful to hook up another display to isolate the problem.

Expert tip:

Outbyte Driver Updater is an excellent option since it has been proven more efficient in fixing such issues from finding, downloading, and installing missing drivers.

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2. Turn off the energy-saving mode 3. Uninstall conflicting applications 3.1 Run the computer in safe mode

If the problem does not occur in safe mode, some conflicting software may be causing the monitor to turn off randomly, so go ahead to uninstall your recently added apps.

3.2 Uninstall applications

If you enjoy dual monitor setups, feel free to check out our guide on how to successfully set it up.

We hope that our solutions were able to help solve the annoying problem and that you can now carry on with your tasks uninterrupted.

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