Trending October 2023 # Portraitpro 22 Review: A Photo Editor Trained In Human Beauty # Suggested November 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Portraitpro 22 Review: A Photo Editor Trained In Human Beauty # Suggested November 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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PortraitPro 22 review: A photo editor trained in human beauty




If you need a dedicated portrait photo editor, look no further than PortraitPro, a friendly solution with all the tools you need.

Its user interface is so simple that editing becomes just a matter of moving some sliders around.

With this tool, you can change all the features of the face including

shape, skin, blemish correction, and more


Every photographer and graphics editor knows that portraits are the hardest photos to edit.

Of course, that’s not a problem for a professional but it still takes a lot of skill and time. Even professionals can get overwhelmed if they have to process a lot of photos.

If you want to make your work a lot easier, an excellent tool called PortraitPro 22 from Anthropics will help you go through all that editing in just a few minutes.

We’re going to talk about its best features and how to use it to edit a portrait quickly, without any special skills and training.

How can PortraitPro 22 help you edit portraits quickly?

Then, just by using some sliders, it’s easy to modify all the facial features, including their form and dimensions.

As a finishing touch, you will be able to smooth the skin to a natural degree thanks to the exclusive ClearSkin 5 technology and remove blemishes and shadows.

It can be a critical tool for any graphics editor, a magazine, or a business but it can be used by anyone thanks to its friendly UI.

That being said, let’s go through PortraitPro’s best features first, and then we will show you exactly how to use the app.

What are the best features of PortraitPro 22? 1. Simple and intuitive usage

Once the photo is uploaded, the software detects the face and zooms in on it, detecting all the important features in just a few seconds.

Then, you will have no less than ten sections on the right, where you can modify the shape of the different face elements, apply skin smoothing, change lighting and colors, and even apply makeup.

In the end, retouching the photo as a whole is just a breeze because, for everything we’ve mentioned, there is already a preset.

2. Skin Smoothing

The Skin Smoothing feature from PortraitPro will definitely become the best friend of any photographer or art director because it can do miracles with any face in seconds.

The ClearSkin 5 technology will automatically smooth the skin without that plastic Photoshopped finish you’re probably used to.

And if you want to target blemishes and problem areas directly, the Touch-Up brush from the top of the window will help you without needing to apply excessive overall smoothing.

3. Face sculpting

With PortraitPro’s face sculpting technology, changing the shape of the face, nose, eyes, and mouth has never been easier.

The technology is based on hundreds of hours of training in human aesthetics and rather than dragging or warping the face, as it would happen with other software, PortraitPro uses an intuitive slider interface.

With the face sculpting feature, you will be able to widen the eyes, correct wide-angle distortions, enhance the smile, and even simulate tilting the subject’s head forward to sculpt the jaw.

4. Skin lighting and coloring

If you’re mainly dealing with portraits taken in poor lighting conditions and not in a photo studio, with proper lighting PortraitPro can simulate the exact controlled lighting as you want, from any direction and intensity you prefer.

And that will help you remove any unflattering shadows, add volume, and even change the color of the light. It’s simple and easy thanks to this intelligent 3D lighting tool.

How can I edit a portrait quickly using PortraitPro?

We can’t stress enough the fact that you can do a lot more with PortraitPro, as we highlighted some of its best features above.

There is no limit to the level of detail you can work on. And if you don’t like the built-in presets, there’s always the option of creating and saving your own.

And it’s not only about face retouching but also the hair, the lighting, make-up, shoulders, and a lot more.

PortraitPro Studio and Studio Max pricing

➡ PortraitPro Studio – Can be purchased now for only $54.95 and includes RAW file processing and free updates

This is a great option for photo artists or photographers who want to edit their studio shots to perfection. We could see it as a great asset for a fashion magazine, for instance.

➡ PortraitPro Studio Max – This complete version includes all the features of Studio but also includes image batch processing for only $169.95

The Studio Max version would increase the efficiency of any business and editor that needs to process hundreds of portraits per day.

Whether it’s about passport and ID photos or studio family shots, the batch processing feature from PortraitPro will certainly save you a lot of time.


This is the ultimate tool for portrait editing and can be used by anyone without any graphical skills.

Free trial Visit website

The best part is that it comes with a free trial version for testing and even if you buy it and change your mind, you can benefit from a 30-day money-back guaranteed policy.

Pros Simple and friendly user interface Extensive AI features for face detection and correction presets Compatible with Windows and Mac Advanced face touch-up features Professional built-in presets for quick editing Steep learning curve Cons The free trial version doesn’t allow saving and printing the resulted image

Final notes

We really had fun with this hands-on review of PortraitPro because that’s exactly what that was: fun! And that’s because it’s so simple to work with.

Of course, a professional graphics artist will have a better eye on customizing the different aspects, applying the correct lighting, make-up, etc. but the results were amazing even with the existing presets.

That is so great about this app, that it can be used by untrained users like ourselves but it will also be an amazing tool in the hands of a professional.

And the pricing is a fraction of the one for more complex software that also require a lot of training and skills to operate.

You need to know that Anthropics also has a great tool for body editing called PortraitBody and another one called LandscapePro specialized for – you’ve guessed – landscape photo editing.

We hope that our review provided a clear insight on how to use PortraitPro and its best features.

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