Trending October 2023 # Printer Configuration Error 0X80004005 # Suggested November 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Printer Configuration Error 0X80004005 # Suggested November 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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In this article, we will see how to fix the printer configuration error 0x80004005. This error makes the printer completely unusable as users cannot print their documents from any software like Word, Excel, etc. Most of the affected users encountered this error on HP printers. However, it can occur on printers of any brand.

The complete error message is:

Your printer has experienced an unexpected configuration problem. 0x8004005

Fix Printer Configuration Error 0x80004005

To fix the Printer configuration error 0x80004005, try the following solutions. Before you proceed, we suggest you check your printer connection. If you have a USB printer, connect the USB to another USB port and see if it helps.

Run Printer Troubleshooter

Uninstall and reinstall your printer driver

Remove and add your printer

Clear Print Spooler

Convert USB printer into a wireless printer

Reset your printer

Let’s see all these solutions in detail.

1] Run Printer Troubleshooter

The first thing that you should do is to run Printer Troubleshooter. Printer Troubleshooter is an automated tool that helps users resolve printing problems on a Windows computer. Run it and see if it helps.

2] Uninstall and reinstall your printer driver

If the issue still persists, the problem may be associated with your printer driver. If this is the case, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver will help. The following instructions will guide you on this.

Open the Device Manager.

Expand the Print queues node. You will see all your printer drivers there.

Now, visit the official website of your printer manufacturer and download the latest version of your printer driver by entering your printer model name or number.

Run the installer file and install the printer driver manually.

Restart your computer.

This should help. If not, try the next potential fix.

2] Remove and add your printer

Sometimes, removing and adding the printer fixes the printing problems. Completely remove your printer, then add it again. You can delete a printer on Windows 11/10 via:


The Control Panel

Print Server Properties

The Command Prompt

The Registry Editor

After deleting or removing the printer completely, restart your system and add your printer again. Now, see if the issue persists.

4] Clear Print Spooler

Print Spooler is a Microsoft Service that manages printing jobs sent from a computer to a printer or a print server. In some cases, clearing the Print Spooler helps fix printing problems on a Windows computer. The steps to clear Print Spooler are listed below:

Look for the Print Spooler service.

After stopping the Print Spooler service, open the File Explorer, then open the C drive.

Delete all the files inside the PRINTERS folder.

Now, go back to the Services Manager app.

5] Convert USB printer into a wireless printer (solution for HP printer users)

This solution is for HP printer users. If you have a wireless-capable HP printer and you are not able to print from it due to the “Printer configuration error 0x80004005,” you can convert it into a wireless printer if it is installed on your system using a USB cable. Before you begin, make sure that you have the following:

A wireless network.

The wireless network name and password.

When you install the full feature printer software on your Windows system, HP Printer Assistant gets installed on your system automatically. You can launch the HP Printer Assistant by typing your printer model name in Windows Search.

Follow the steps written below:

Connect your wireless-capable printer to your computer via the USB cable.

Select your printer from the search results. This will open the HP Printer Assistant.

After that, HP Printer Assistant will install the network driver and then connect your printer to the wireless network.

When the process gets completed, do not close HP Printer Assistant. First, disconnect the USB cable from your HP printer, then disconnect it from your computer.

6] Reset your printer

If none of the above solutions helped you fix the issue, reset your printer. The printers of different brands have a different processes to reset. Read your user manual or go to your printer manufacturer’s official website to know the correct method to reset your printer.

We have covered the step-by-step method to reset some popular printers in the linked post.

How do I fix the printer configuration error?

The printer configuration error occurs due to several causes. When this error code occurs on your system, you will see the following message along with the respective error code: Your Printer has experienced an unexpected configuration problem.

Fix: Printer configuration errors 0x800700c1, 0x80070002, 0x80040154, 0x8000ffff, 0x8007007e, 0x800706b5, 0x80040003, 0x80070077

Different printer configuration errors have different ways to troubleshoot. However, there are some common fixes that you can try, like running the Printer Troubleshooter, updating your printer driver, disconnecting and reconnecting your printer, removing and adding your printer, etc.

How do I configure printer settings?

I hope this helps.

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