Trending October 2023 # Shareplay Is Not Working? 10 Ways To Fix It # Suggested November 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Shareplay Is Not Working? 10 Ways To Fix It # Suggested November 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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With the release of the SharePlay feature on Apple FaceTime, you can now stream songs or videos from apps with your favorite person while on a FaceTime call. Since it’s a recent update with 15.1 OS software, some users are reporting several issues while using it.

For instance, SharePlay might not work if the app is incompatible with the feature. Similarly, it might not function properly if both the users haven’t updated the device with the latest OS software.

This issue has a simple fix and you can easily solve this problem by updating your device. Or, you can also check whether you have a subscription to the streaming app.

Why Is My SharePlay Not Working?

One of the common causes can be not updating device software. Similarly, it may not work if it does not support either your or another user’s device. There can be various reasons why this feature is not working on your FaceTime. Find out below.

Not Updated OS: SharePlay feature was introduced with iOS 15.1 update. Thus, it might not work if your Mac, iPhone, or iPad is not updated with the latest version. Please check if iOS 15.4 is available for your device. 

Unsupported Device: This feature might not support some apple devices—for Instance, macSierra, iPad mini 3, iPhone 6, and below. 

Not Compatible App: Besides Apple Apps, various Apps support SharePlay. However, some apps you are trying to stream might not be compatible with SharePlay. In such a case, it won’t work. 

Geographical Restriction: Some streaming apps might not be available in some regions. So, it might not work if the app hasn’t been released in your country yet.

Unstable Internet Connection: You need a strong internet connection to use FaceTime. So, your SharePlay might have an error loading due to the poor network connection.

How to Fix if SharePlay Is Not Working

You can simply turn on this feature on FaceTime or update the latest OS system software of your device. You can also try restarting your device and connecting to a strong network. Moreover, since there are very general causes of why your SharePlay is not working, these fixes will guide you to solve the issue.

Connect to Strong Network

You must connect to the strong network to use SharePlay without any interruptions. Check if the Wi-Fi or cellular data of your device is stable. To solve this issue, you can also reset your network from the device settings.

However, please note that resetting network settings will erase all the data of Wi-Fi and hotspot. So, make sure to back up the passwords. Follow the given steps below.

Check if Other Users Have SharePlay

To use SharePlay, it must be available and activated for both parties. So, it might not work if it does not support your or another user’s device. Since the OS software influences the accessibility of this feature, you can simply check the Software Update from the phone Settings. 

Check App Compatibility With SharePlay

Sometimes there can be instances when your SharePlay is working fine for a few apps. But, it does not work on some apps. In such a case, you must check the app compatibility. The App might not support this feature. 

Update Streaming App 

Some apps you use for streaming might release this feature with the newer versions. So, if you are using an older version, SharePlay might not work. So, make sure to update the App fully. Follow the given steps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. 

Go to App Store

On the Bottom-right Search Bar, type the App you want to stream

Open App and tap on Update

Activate SharePlay

Although you have installed the latest software update, it might not work if you have disabled SharePlay. So, you must turn on this feature to use it. Follow the steps below. 

On iPhone or iPad

Check the Streaming Subscription 

You need to subscribe to premium to use various apps such as Hulu, HBO Max, etc. So, for streaming such apps on SharePlay, both the users must have a subscription. It might not support if the membership has expired. Therefore, check if you and the other person have subscribed to the App.

Use SharePlay Properly

For beginners, you might have trouble navigating SharePlay to use it. You must tap on the Share My Screen button to enable SharePlay mode. So, follow the given steps.

On Mac

On iPhone or iPad

On Mac

Sign Out and Sign In on FaceTime

You might need to refresh FaceTime when you make changes to update it. So, you can Sign out and Sign in on your FaceTime to refresh it. Check out the steps for mac and iPhone or iPad below.

On iPhone or iPad

Please follow the given steps to sign out on your iPhone or iPad:

Here are the steps to sign In on your device:

On Mac

Here are the steps to sign out and sign in on mac;

Similarly, you can sign in using the steps below:

Restart Device

Restarting your device will clear excessive RAM usage. So, you can restart your device to improve the system performance. Find out the steps to restart your device.

On iPhone or iPad

Press the Power Button and Volume Button together and hold them till Slide to Power Off shows on the screen

Slide the power button to the right to switch off the device

After a few seconds, Press the power button and Hold it to open your device

On Mac

Navigate to Apple Menu 

Tap on the Restart button and wait for a few minutes

Once the device restarts, use FaceTime again

Update Your OS Software

You must have the latest version of iOS or at least updated with iOS 15.2 to use this feature on your Mac or iPhone. So, turn on automatic updates to avoid missing any new software updates. Follow the given steps.

On iPhone or iPad

On Mac

 If you have tried all the mentioned fixes but still face problems, there might be a serious hardware issue. In such a case, you can contact Apple Support to take help from the experts. 

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