Trending October 2023 # Top 10 Obiee Interview Q&Amp;A # Suggested November 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Top 10 Obiee Interview Q&Amp;A # Suggested November 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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Introduction to OBIEE Interview Q&A

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Top 10 OBIEE Interview Q&A

Let’s have a look at OBIEE Interview Q&A.

1. What are the layers of OBIEE G?

Answer; Basically there are four types of the layer which are Presentation layer, mapping layer, physical layer, model of the business layer

2. What is Bridge Table?

There may be a situation where two tables that are unrelated to the need to be connected. In this case, a table that connects the other two tables is used. This third table is known as a bridge table, with both tables having the same columns.

3. Explain Some Brief on Query Repository Tool?

For the OBIEE or Siebel admin tool, the query repository tool is used. It also enables the user to test the Metadata repository tool. In addition, this examines the relationship between certain metadata objects. The objects consist in general of which presentation column should later map the physical layer table with.

4. How Can the Presentation Layers Be Migrated to Different Servers? 5. What Is the Security-Based on External Table and Ldap?

In the Siebel Analytics server repository, the password and user ID must not be saved. Other options include external tables and LDAP. In the external table are stored the user ID and password for user authentication. In this external table are stored information on different tables and the access information for each user. The opposite is the Access Protocol to the Lightweight Directory. This is like imposing restrictions on the access of all different directories and directories that can be seen by various users.

6. How Many Types of Authentication Are There?

There are many types of Authentication which are Database authentication, Operating system authentication, LDAP authentication, Operating system authentication.

7. What Is Presentation Catalog Oracle BI?

The Oracle BI Presentation Catalog stores the objects that you and other users create with Oracle BI EE, dashboards, such as analyses and KPIs. The users have a personal folder of their own (My Folders), where objects can be stored. Only the user who created and saved the contents in this folder is able to access the objects in a personal folder. In order to organize your content in the most logical way, users can add subs-folders to their personal folders.

8. Explain the Purpose of Alias Tables? 9. Explain the Different Between Repo Variable and Session?

Session variables are similar to dynamic repository variables because of the initialization block they obtain their values. However, the session variables are not programmed to initialize, unlike the dynamic repository variables. When a user starts a session, the Oracle BI Server creates and initializes new instances of session variables. A single value is available at any time for a repository variable. In Expression Builder in Administration Tool repository variables can be used instead of literals or constants. The Oracle BI Server replaces the repository variable value for the metadata variable itself.

10. What Is Surrogate Key?

An artificially produced key, usually a number, is a substitute key. A replacement key, which simplifies this connection in the aggregate table at level, removes the unnecessary columns from the fact table, thus creating a smaller fact table.


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