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Trending October 2023 # Uses Of Presspull Command In Autocad # Suggested November 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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Introduction to AutoCAD PressPull

AutoCad is a 2d and 3d computer-aided designing software which has a number of commands for making its work easy for its users. You will learn many commands in this software throughout your learning. Today we will discuss one of them that is the PressPull command. This is a part of modeling command of this software which is a combination of extruding and subtract command of AutoCad software. By the PressPull command, you can extrude any section of any model in a particular direction, or you can subtract any section of that model in a particular direction by using some simple steps. Here in this article, we will discuss this command and analyze the parameters of this command for having good knowledge about this command. So let us start our discussion about this topic.

How to Use PressPull in AutoCAD?

We can learn this command in a very simple manner without any problem because it is very similar to extrude and subtract command of AutoCad Software but before start learning about this command and its parameters, let us have a look at the working screen of this software so that we can better understand this topic throughout this article is a very interesting manner.

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At the top of the working screen of this software, we have a ribbon which has a different type of tabs in it that are Home tab, Insert tab, Annotation tab, and many others which helps us in managing of their commands and, below this, we have a working window of this software in which we can see our current drawing, this working window has a navigation cube and options for changing the view of our drawing such as top view, side view, front view, and many other 3d views, below this working window we have some navigation option for handling our work during drawing.

Step 3: Now, let us take a rectangle command from the Draw menu of the Home tab of this software which is at the top of the working window and draw a rectangle like this. You can draw a rectangle of any particular size by entering the values of it. I will draw a freehand rectangle then press the ESC button of the keyboard for exiting from the command.

Step 14: But if you drag this 3d rectangle model in a downward direction throughout the block, the command will subtract this software.

Step 15: And subtracts this small rectangle from the block like this. You can check it by using the orbit command for rotating this model.

Step 16: Now again, you are free to extrude any face of this subtracted block with the help of the Presspull command. Just select that face of this block you want to extrude with this command and drag it in that direction you want to extrude that face.

In this way, you can use the PressPull command of Create menu of Home tab in AutoCad and use it for making models of drawing in your project work.


After going through this article, you can understand ‘what is PressPull command in AutoCad software and ‘how you can use it to make good drawing models in less time. You can practice these types of commands of AutoCad software so that you can enhance your designing skill for AutoCad software.

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