Trending October 2023 # What Is Event Id 800 &Amp; How To Quickly Fix It # Suggested November 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # What Is Event Id 800 &Amp; How To Quickly Fix It # Suggested November 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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What is Event ID 800 & How to Quickly Fix It Check out the proven solutions to fix the event ID 800




Event ID 800 occurs when the DNS clients cannot resolve the primary server address for the zone.

Reconfiguring the SOA (Start of Authority) helps fix the Event ID 800 error on Windows DNS Server.



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The Event ID 800, typically represented by the symbolic name DNS_EVENT_ZONE_BAD_PRIMARY_SERVER typically addresses the issue with the Windows DNS Server Service. 

This comprehensive troubleshooting guide presents the different methods to troubleshoot the error with the DNS server, which ultimately resolves the Event ID 800. 

What does Event ID 800 mean? 

The event ID 800 describes the issue when the zone is configured to accept updates, but the A record for the primary server in the zone’s SOA record is not available on this DNS server. 

When the DNS clients are unable to resolve the address of the primary server for the zone, they will not be able to locate a server to accept updates for this zone. This will leave the DNS clients to be unable to perform DNS updates.

Summing up, you can say that the event ID 800 signifies the configuration problem with the DNS server. 

Expert tip:

What can I do to fix the Event ID 800 on Windows? 1. Fix the zone SOA configuration problem


You need to have a membership in Administrators or should have appropriate authority to be able to perform the below procedure. 

The DNS Server service is incompetent in discovering the server specified as the zone’s start of authority (SOA). You need to reconfigure the SOA configuration for the zone to fix this issue.

2. Verify Domain Name System configuration 2.1 Check DNS configuration settings 2.2 Ensure DNS client computers can resolve names 

Press the Windows key on the keyboard to launch the Start menu, type cmd in the search bar and choose Run as administrator from the search results. 

Type or paste the following command in the command prompt window and press Enter. Replace hostname with the DNS name of a computer with a known IP address: Ping hostname

If the DNS client can successfully resolve the name, the following message will be displayed on the command prompt window. Pinging hostname [ip_address]

If the name resolution is not successful, the following error message is displayed. Ping request could not find host hostname

The DNS client could successfully resolve the name even if the ping command reports that the destination is unreachable.

That’s all! Perform the methods listed in this guide to easily fix the event id 800 triggered by the Microsoft Windows DNS Server Service. 

To know more about Event Viewer and identify issues with its help, go through our detailed guide. 

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