Trending October 2023 # Windows 11 Power Plans Missing: 5 Ways To Get Them Back # Suggested November 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Windows 11 Power Plans Missing: 5 Ways To Get Them Back # Suggested November 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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Windows 11 Power Plans Missing: 5 Ways to Get Them Back An OS update is a valuable fix for many users




Users claim that Windows 11 power settings are missing both from the taskbar and Settings, but we’ll show how to fix this issue with ease.

The first thing to do is checking for general Windows updates.

You should also make sure your OS runs through the Balanced Performance Plan.

If power settings are missing in Windows 11, updating the batteries drivers is also an option to consider.



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The latest OS has some new great features, and users are getting more excited about it. Unfortunately, some claimed that they have no power options available on Windows 11. It seems like an annoying error, but we’re here to deliver the best solutions to fix it quickly.

If you encounter this problem, you’ll be unable to check the battery usage & health in Windows 11.

From what users describe, there are times when the power slider is missing in the desktop taskbar and the Settings.

Let us now tell you all you must know.

Why there are currently no power options available?

There are some essential reasons why Windows 11 power settings are missing, and you should take into consideration each of them:

Glitched Power Options menu –

This one of the most popular causes why this issue occurs. It doesn’t have anything to do with system file corruption. In this case, the problem is likely caused by a Windows Update.

System corruption –

It can be caused by several situations, like random and temporary software bugs. 

Poor OS or drivers updates – It is mandatory to keep your operating system and drivers updated. Any update incompatibility can harm the general usage, even fundamental aspects like power settings.

How do I fix missing power plans in Windows 11?

Hit the Windows key, then open Settings.

Go to Windows Update.

Choose to Check for updates.

For the times when a basic feature is missing from your OS, you should scan for Windows updates. It will automatically look for available options and start downloading and installing them.

To make sure your operating system goes through the correct process, you should restart your PC at the end of this process.

2. Switch to the Balanced Performance Plan

If there are still no power options available on Windows 11, try the next solution.

3. Run the Power troubleshooter

Because our presented issue is strongly related to power usage, running the Power troubleshooter might help you. With this option, your OS will automatically scan for problems, diagnose them, then fix them.

Expert tip:

You may also make an educated decision to stick with OEM or go for third-party drivers.

As for automatic scans of missing or outdated drivers, we can only recommend using a dedicated tool such as Outbyte Driver Updater.

Fast and easy-to-use software with a great interface that helps you monitor and keep your drivers updated all the time.

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5. Reset your operating system

If none of the above methods worked, we recommend resetting your operating system. Remember that this option will refresh and resolve any problematic Windows version, replacing it with a brand-new model.

How do I get to Power Options in Advanced Settings? Can I hide Windows 11 power settings?

From what we know, at the moment, there aren’t available options that would allow you to hide Windows 11 power settings. These are some design-related aspects, so they come by default with your new OS.

However, if you’re interested in personalizing your digital environment, you can do that with some File Explorer and folder options.

We ensured the research through the most popular forums and selected only the most valuable solutions for Windows 11 power settings missing issue.

Lastly, the error message There are currently no power options available is common among lockdown browser users, so you may consider uninstalling the browser.

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